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About Agent Fixup

What is Agent Fixup and how does it work?

Agent Fixup is an online real estate company that provides a valuable resource to clients looking to buy or sell a home that want to utilize a top performing real estate agent. Our proprietary software analyzes real
estate agents past transactions, client referrals as well as a wide range of historical data and market trends to help find a client the perfect agent. We cross reference the information a lead provides us with the data in our system from agents in their designated location to find potential traits and qualities that would make the two a good match.

How much does Agent Fixup Cost?

Agent Fixup is free to use service for real estate agents
and other professionals. Agent Fixup does not offer any subscriptions or premium plans as to maintain a completely unbiased approach when matching leads
with agents. We simply charge a 25% referral fee if a transaction closes for a lead that we referred out.

Our Qualification Process

We pre-qualify each lead that comes to our website or gives us a call to make sure that you receive motivated buyers and sellers. Before we pass of a qualified lead to an agent in our network, we provide the leads designated area, budget, timeframe, qualification status and much more to help prepare you as best as possible.

What makes Agent Fixup different?

Clients who use Agent Fixup are looking to find a top
performing real estate agent who will represent and protect their interests. We pre-qualify each lead before we refer them to an agent in our network to make sure each party will be a good fit for one another, saving each party time and money. We only refer 2-3 agents in our network to each client.

Where does Agent Fixup find their

Agent Fixup brings in clients looking to buy or sell from a diverse channel of advertising streams including online ads, cable television ads, industry directories, referrals and more. Clients come to Agent Fixup for our hassle free, easy to use service to find top real estate agents.

How can I bring in more leads?

There are many ways to raise your ranking in Agent Fixup to bring in more leads. We refer top agents in our network who show a strong record for selling homes faster than the industry average and at top dollar. We also take reliability and dependability seriously. One of the best ways to bring in more leads is to increase your past client reviews.

Closings & Payments

How do I pay Agent Fixup upon a referral lead closing?

Nice job on closing your referral lead! You may update your relevant closing information in a link provided here. Agent Fixup accepts both wire payments or checks. We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label once we have received all the relevant closing information.

I have an Agent Fixup referred client who Is either pending, in escrow or closing. What steps do I now take?

Please log into your user account and find the appropriate client then choose from the following options,

·     Client pending

·     In escrow

·     In closing

Please enter all the relevant data regarding the
transaction. Once these are in, we will send you the designated closing documents from our end.

I have an Agent Fixup referral lead
that is closing? What are the next steps?

You may log in to your Agent account and fill out all the
relevant details regarding the referred client. Once you have updated the documents, we will send you all necessary escrow documents along with how we accept payments and a prepaid shipping label if need be.

I have a referral listing that just
received an offer. What are the next steps?

Please log into your account here and update all the
information on the referral. We will be notified and will help you the rest of the way!

I just signed a listing agreement from an Agent Fixup referral. What’s next?

Please visit your account and update the specific client’s information as well as confirm you just received the listing. Nice work!

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